Obtaining a successful result for our client is where every matter starts and ends.

What We Know

At BBOCLLP we know that success is achieved by delivering accurate information to our clients so that they can make important business decisions whether it be at trial or shortly after litigation commences. We know that the skilled litigator must learn and understand the intricacies of a particular case as soon as possible so that litigation strategies can be implemented in the most cost-effective manner to ensure opportunities are not lost and client resources are not wasted. We know that investigating and defending against a claim interferes with normal business activity and we therefore understand the importance of identifying issues and requesting information in a most tactful and prompt manner to minimize disruption of the client’s business. We know what we know because for almost three decades the attorney's at BBOCLLP have represented nearly every type of business in a wide range of claims in New York’s downstate region and have partnered with our clients to successfully resolve the headaches brought on by regulatory investigations and tort litigation in both State and Federal Courts.

Who We Are

Since the early 1990's, the attorneys at BBOCLLP have established themselves as hand’s on, no nonsense litigators that protect their clients from the uncertainties that are inherent in litigation. We have a proven track record of exceptional results not only at trial but during all phases of civil litigation. A win is a win whether from the jury at the close of trial, from a judge by way of summary judgement or a dismissal during discovery, or the settlement of a liability case for reasonable sum of money. Our lawyers know that the swifter a case can be effectively resolved, the better, and every decision made during the pendency of an assignment is predicated on achieving that goal.

How We Do It

The attorneys at BBOCLLP are seasoned litigators that have handled medical malpractice, significant tort claims and complex commercial litigation for decades. From the initial assignment of a matter, we immediately leverage relationships with our adversaries and access other public data to obtain as much information about a claimant as possible early on. We strive to obtain records critical to the evaluation of the case immediately and meet with witnesses to provide an in-depth analysis of the case often long before discovery is formally served. This enables our team to advise client’s swiftly of the potential risks presented in each matter and permits the client to appropriately consider their options from the outset of a case rather than later on down the road. Together with our client, we then work towards a desired goal, rather than reacting to the often senseless direction that a case can take as it winds its way toward resolution.