Medical Professional Liability

The team at BBOCLLP has handled Professional Malpractice claims on behalf of Hospitals, Nurses, Physicians and their practice groups, Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Emergency Medical Personnel, Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities for almost 30 years. Our clients include some of the largest Health Systems in the New York Metropolitan area where we not only advise and develop risk management strategies, but also partner with our clients to identify issues to promote best practices. Over the course of the last several decades, our lawyers have helped shape the law that governs malpractice claims during discovery and trial in both State and Federal Court. We at BBOCLLP understand the challenges that face professionals when successfully defending against claims involving medical malpractice and know that key to this is a thorough understanding of the medicine, the medical records, as well as the people and personalities involved. Our success in this area is not only at the pre-trial and trial stages of handling a matter, but also at the Appellate level. 

General Liability

The lawyers at BBOCLLP represent a wide variety of business entities including property owners, municipalities, and several large hospital systems in the defense of their GL claims. Whether the claim is grounded in premises liability, motor vehicle accident litigation, security, lighting, optical confusion or breach of confidentiality, our team has the experience to evaluate the merits of the case, establish defenses including culpable conduct, lack of notice, causation and the ever-troublesome pre-existing conditions that plaintiffs try to hide or minimize. We also always evaluate the potential for contractual or common law indemnification and whether the case presents the opportunity for tender to a vendor’s or sub-contractors’ insurance carrier. Concomitant with our representation, we always work together with our clients to identify best practices to reduce exposure to claims in the future.

Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at BBOCLLP work closely with our corporate clients to understand their particular business and the issues which require litigation counsel. We know that paramount to achieving a successful outcome for our client is understanding from the onset what their desired goal is and endeavoring to obtain that result in the most efficient way possible.  To that end, our attorneys have handled a wide variety of commercial disputes involving breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and other business torts, as well as disputes among business owners, insurance claims, restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements, real estate matters, commercial landlord-tenant proceedings, municipal law and other commercial matters. We know that litigation is often the last resort for business owners and believe that a victory in this setting is delivering honest advice and experienced court room advocacy.

Regulatory & Disciplinary

The team at BBOCLLP has a well-versed understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to licensed professionals and businesses engaged in construction, transportation, and the healthcare industry.  We routinely handle matters brought against our clients by State and Federal authorities for alleged violations and inquiries into their business practices.

Construction & Labor Law

Our lawyers understand the nuances involved in defending claims against the construction industry whether they involve a significant or “grave injury "or the more routine worksite fall from a height or slip and fall litigation. Whatever the degree of complexity, our attorneys work steadfastly to shift risk and develop defenses which include the recalcitrant worker or that the acts of the worker were the “sole proximate cause” of the injuries claimed. We likewise know from experience that construction accident cases involving Section200, 240 and 241 of the NY Labor Law, often devolve into a damages only trial. In such cases, BBOCLLP’s attorneys offer their experience in defending the medical community and retain top notch expert physicians to effectively challenge and minimize even the most complex personal injury claims. In so doing, we are able to often develop medical defenses to injuries that our opponents seek to establish in order to build up their claim for money damages.


The attorneys at BBOCLLP have experience in representing national and regional long-haul truckload carriers that are subject to both Federal and State regulations, which govern their operation on the roads. We also have represented taxi and limousine companies directly or through their insurance carriers. We have a wide variety of experience with the unique issues confronted by the transportation industry whether in the context of long-haul carrier legislation, third party liability, or subrogation. We know that success in this area requires swift action to gather evidence, accident reconstruction and the ability to interview and appreciate the different perspectives witnesses often take from the accident scene.


Our attorneys have experience in representing employers and municipalities involved in claims related to employment discrimination, hostile work place, harassment and violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and other State and Federal legislation that regulates current business activity. We routinely handle union grievances, arbitrations, mediations, article 78 proceedings and litigation in both State and Federal Court and recognize the liability and business disruption that such claims create for the employer. Our team has experience in mitigating these claims from developing into costly litigation and advising our clients on best practices to prevent such claims from arising in the future.

Engineering & Architectural Malpractice

The attorneys at BBOCLLP also have experience in representing Architects and Engineers in claims concerning negligent design and resulting damages claimed to flow from such claimed departures. Whether the claim is based on negligent roadway design claimed to result in catastrophic motor vehicle accidents, the improper structural design of buildings, improper load bearing, a failure to confirm to the applicable Building Code, work site accidents, construction oversight, coordination of work or any other claimed error by the design professional, our attorneys work with the client and retained experts to identify and isolate any potential design issues and formulate a remediation plan in order to allow the project to proceed to substantial completion or to avoid similar incidents. We strive to generate a cost effective means to resolve the design issue rapidly and to minimize the financial exposure to our clients.